IVA's the name, drawing's the game!


Illustrator & Comic Artist


Hi, call me IVA.
I'm a self-taught digital artist who loves to draw 2D character illustrations and manga/comic art. Besides making my webcomic, Sakura Day, I also freelance and do art commissions.


You can reach me via the links above, whichever is convenient.
For faster replies, send me a message in discord.


manga samples:
"After The End" | "Party At Oni's Place" | "Cosmic Alice: Underwater Treasure"

links direct to 3D comic view (so you can read it like a virtual book!)

If you'd like to support me or my art, you can order art commissions from me or donate any amount here. The easiest way to support me is by sharing this website. Any kind of support is appreciated.

Sakura Day (webcomic)

Sakura Day and the Four Seasons

Sakura Day follows Meija's adventures as she is inexplicably transported into a parallel world after a fatal accident. When she learns that going back "home" is impossible, Meija decides she will begin a new life with these eccentric tenants of the strange and lonely Blaine mansion. Everything may sound fine at that point, but there are odd events abound following Meija like bears to honey.

It's escapism, romance, comedy, adventure, and kinda experimental.

read it here ➽ Comic Fury / ArchiveBinge / Smackjeeves
the webcomic is read the manga way: from right to left

Sakura Day will be moving to TAPAS and WEBTOON soon!