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IVA is short for my name Itanah Asuncion. The username I use in my socials, "andromedavaine", is for my social media and easy googling. However, to keep it simple just call me by my initials (pronounced as EE-vah).I am an artist from the Philippines who loves drawing stories. Drawing character illustrations and manga/comics are part of my living and most importantly passion. Aside from freelancing, I author a webcomic called Sakura Day and occasionally collaborate with other creatives in fun, small projects.If you like what I do and you're interested in either collaborating or commissioning me, feel free to contact me. I'll get back to you ASAP!Thanks for dropping by (⓿v⓿)/






You can reach me in any of the channels above, though I recommend discord or telegram. But if you do reach me through reddit, send me a message not chat.Please consider the differences of our timezones, I'm at PHT (GMT+08:00). Though I may not be able to reply immediately, I will contact you back ASAP.



Sequential Art

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Comic TitleLinks
3:10 to Purgatory3D view
The Good, The Bad & The Magical Girl3D view
Laundry Can Wait (Quaranzine)view / artstation
After The End3D view / ArtStation
Sakura Day: Spring#13read here
Cosmic Alice: Underwater Treasure3D view / Behance
Party At Oni's Place3D view / Behance

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Sakura Day

Sakura Day and the Four Seasons

Status: On Extended Hiatus
(in preparation for reboot)
more details here

Sakura Day follows Meija's adventures as she is transported into a parallel world after a near fatal accident. When she learns that going back home is impossible, Meija decides she'll begin her new life with the eccentric tenants of the isolated Blaine mansion. But there are weird events abound following Meija like bears to honey.genre: fantasy, romance, comedy, experimental

this webcomic is read from right to left

Sakura Day will be in

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